world series picks

the answer is quite simple: domino’s steak fanatic pizza and the fizzy, carbonated beverage (pop, not soda) of your choice. i can’t recommend an alcoholic beverage, since i don’t drink those. 🙂

as for the actual baseball teams involved, it’s a tough call. i have no rooting interest here. on the one hand, you have the chicago white sox, who haven’t won the WS since 1917, and we all know what happened in 1919 with the black sox. their fans have probably been punished long enough for that. then there’s the astros, who have never been to the WS in their entire history. they also have many players who are very easy to like, both for their baseball ability and for their appealing personalities. i would be ok with either team winning the world series.

my overall good feeling about the astros does not extend to roger clemens. he is without question a hall-of-fame pitcher with eye-popping stats. but he’s a jerk. he’s a headhunter. it’s one thing to brush a guy off the plate. that’s part of baseball. but when you intentionally throw at a guy’s head (as i believe clemens has done), there’s no way to excuse that. he’s also the only pitcher on record to throw a broken bat at an opposing batter (piazza). red sox fans have their own memories of “the rocket”. red sox fans remember ’86, where he allegedly asked out of a playoff game that the sox lost.

the astros are a great story. i just can’t swallow this “clemens as conquering hero” storyline. i honestly don’t know who will win the WS. if i was forced to pick a team, i would go with the astros in 6.

read and enjoy this from one of my favorite baseball writers: espn’s jayson stark.

No Yankees or Red Sox? No problem

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