an actual sports post

can it be possible that the mets are still playoff-chasing, even though they are dead last in the nl east??? i can’t believe it either.

from the “this doesn’t happen very often” department — the mets are actually playing better than the yankees. wouldn’t it be awesome if the yankees missed the playoffs entirely? YES.

speaking of the evil empire (and i was), isn’t it obvious that the yankees are a prime example of capitalism run amok? even the free market can’t prevent age and injuries, george. heh.

take heart, devil rays fans. yes, it sucks to be you. but at least you’re not royals fans and you have former met prospect scott kasmir. thanks for zambrano, by the way. please take him back.

anyone else ignoring the NFL preseason? proof that pre-season means nothing? cleveland browns 2 and 0.

so the president doesn’t believe he was wrong about iraq? (i agree) will he admit to being wrong about MLB’s wild-card?

i see playoff chokes from the white sox, cardinals, and braves. i would see one from the yankees, except they will choke before the playoffs. the playoffs are wide-open in my view. everybody in has a shot…and one fatal flaw.

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