chirac and awe

if it’s fair to criticize bush for his response to katrina, it should be equally fair to criticize jacques chirac’s government for its handling of the paris riots. perhaps we can all agree that chirac should be criticized for this, so what’s with the muted reaction to his non-action?

the MSM doesn’t really want to explore this subject in depth at all, because they might find out something that they don’t want to know, specifically that they were wrong about suggesting that europe is a great model for the USA to follow. this glorification of all things european has got to stop. they don’t always have the right answers. history proves this, especially in the case of the french. europe’s economy, healthcare system, social programs, and overall quality of life is seen by some as vastly superior to anything we have in this country. this view is an inaccurate one, in my humble opinion. how superior could europe be without XM radio? of course, there are better reasons, but i’m getting way off track on this post.

current rioters are not to be excused. there is no good excuse for burning cars or for the molotov cocktails…i absolutely condemn all of that craziness. it does expose some of the flaws of this particular welfare state. this MSNBC article points to racism/unemployment as a root cause of the riots, and that may be part of the problem in france. again, though…the cure to all these social ills is destroying cars and throwing explosives? they riot because they are idiots, not because they are oppressed. besides, how oppressed could you possibly be in a welfare state which discourages people from getting jobs and from having individual incentive and achievement?

the french are right to be bent about their economy and about the massive unemployment (twice the rate of this country at least, and possibly more). it’s about time that they said something about it. the generous welfare state has hosed the french, and maybe after the riots have been put down, there will be an honest debate about this. rioting doesn’t cure perceived social injustices, it merely highlights them. if all these rioters were serious about fixing problems, then they should put down the molotov cocktails and engage politically in the battle of ideas and suggest reforms. but they’re not. the french have historically been slow learners about the effects of revolutions. sometimes the violent way is not the best way.

it sure doesn’t hurt the protestors/rioters’ resolve when the police fail to step in and to take decisive action and instead impose curfews. right. that will fix ’em. i doubt very seriously that they care about staying out past their bedtimes to riot. while chirac’s government struggles to figure out how to stop rioters, paris burns. he shouldn’t be given a pass for this, and the US shouldn’t be lectured on our response to war and natural disasters by this guy. as we can see, he has no credibility in that area right now.


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today is the day to remember the victims and families of the 9/11 terrorist attack. these terrorists don’t deserve tea and sympathy. they deserve death. we can’t bring back those we lost, but we can administer justice to those who are foolish enough to attack us. i really don’t have the words to express how i feel about this, so i’m simply going to link to some great posts by fellow bloggers on this subject.

that’s all i have for today. may God continue to watch over all of us and give us peace in this time of chaos.

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tucker carlson is mad crazy

there are many crazy ideas out there today. luckily, most of these obviously do not affect meaningful change in society. that’s the beauty and ugliness of the first amendment — that we cannot be punished for saying something totally stupid in a public forum. many of our government bureaucrats abuse this privilege daily just to be on tv. but most of the time we ignore them…and this usually works.

some suggestions are difficult to ignore because they are so unbelievable. this is why i am taking a certain tv talking head to task on his views on acceptable behavior in schools. what is the purpose of a school? in case anyone has forgotten, it is to educate our young people and to prepare them to succeed in the real world. i would think that anything distracting from this purpose should not be excused or justified.

the idea that sex between a teacher and a student is understandable, especially in junior high, is simply absurd. kids that age, and even some older ones, shouldn’t be having sex at all. self-control is possible. more kids should be encouraged to practice it. teachers should be more focused on teaching kids math, science, and reading skills rather than their own “needs”. the book should be roundly chucked at any teacher who tries a stunt like that. there should be an official policy against it…including firing the offender. harsh? perhaps. deterrent? without a doubt.

if this is intended as a joke, it’s a bad one. tucker, please try a different script. this one’s not working for you.

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