paradise lost

“I ask you to remember this when weighing out our failings. We are flesh and blood, and not angels after all.”

-stephen lawhead, from the iron lance

i’m tired of all this political wrangling. i’m ready to call a cease-fire in the political battle, at least for today. it’s much easier just to accept the status quo and convince yourself that things can never change in our political system. it requires much less effort to believe that our screams of frustration with that system have been buried in a deep, dark hole, never to see the light of day. life would be so much simpler if i could ignore everything happening right now that disproves this theory, but i can’t do that. the future of this country is too important to me to let it be destroyed from within. we all have a part to play here, and i hope that more people will take advantage of the opportunity we have to influence that future.

it does matter. it absolutely does. but today, i don’t want to fight this battle. i will leave the arguments to those who still have the strength to make them. maybe i will feel differently tomorrow. i hope so. in the meantime, check out the following links to some of my favorite blogs.

WHAT ALEX SAID–And Why We Should Listen
–from california conservative
Wake Up, America; It’s Time to Take Our Ball and Go Home–from the great frank j. of IMAO fame. in case you don’t get it…this could be considered satirical.
God is a Republican and Santa Claus is a Democrat–from the division of labour blog, an outstanding explanation by p.j. o’rourke (originally taken from his book parliament of whores). he is so quotable.

more tomorrow. enjoy monday.