guess we’ll have to cancel “fitzmas”

vice president cheney’s right-hand man scooter libby was indicted yesterday. all the pundits, bloggers, and various other news people on tv have discussed this story all week, and i don’t really have anything else to add to what has already been said. there may be more to this story than we know, so i will take a wait-and-see attitude until all of the facts come out about this case.

democrats are dismayed that this investigation has currently failed to bring down the source of evil, karl rove. i’m not sure exactly when the democrats decided to start attacking karl rove, but i don’t think it has been a very effective strategy for them. what it comes down to here is that the democrats are content to fight about this peripheral stuff and not debate the issues that are really important to us as americans. the average person in this country may not understand what’s going on with “plamegate” and why they should care about it. they have probably figured out that somebody did something wrong here, but they don’t know what it means exactly.

for the record, anyone who breaks the law should be subject to applicable penalties. it does appear that libby’s in some serious jeopardy here. i don’t minimize that. but for democrats to be celebrating this, ie. the “merry fitzmas” stuff…that’s quite silly and absolutely the wrong strategy. unless they can come up with more evidence than what exists already, there is no “culture of corruption” and that will be a hard sell to make.

i hate giving democrats advice. there’s always a slight chance they might take it. if you want to defeat republicans in elections, then you have to come up with better ideas that you can sell to the voters. if you don’t like the president’s iraq policy, then come up with a better plan and present it to us. better yet, why don’t you help the president out and share your plan with him? after all, we all benefit when iraq is secured,and the sooner the iraqis can do that, the sooner our military can come home. if you think that you could do a more credible job on domestic policy, then make that case to us. i’ve said all that to say this: quit whining about evil republicans and neo-cons, and start engaging in the battle of ideas. that would help your cause a great deal more than the attacks on the president and karl rove.

just my opinion.

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