george bush hates children of all ages

That must be the reason that he wants parents who can easily afford it to pay for their kids’ health care without government assistance. That must be the reason why he wants to restrict the program only to children. (Some states even cover adults under SCHIP, and that’s why we need so much more money than Bush wants to allocate to it.) Kanye West helpfully explained to us that Dubya hates black people. It’s certainly not a stretch from that perspective to also believe he hates children as well. He probably kicks cute puppies and kitties, and plans new ways to torment Americans in his spare time. This makes sense in liberal-progressive world. I mean, if it were up to George W. Bush, no one would have government health care — and by no one I mean people who can afford to pay for their own health care.

President Bush wants to expand SCHIP by 5 billion dollars. That’s “billion” with a B. If you can’t cover all the poor children with an extra 5 billion dollars, then your wonderful government program needs a serious overhaul. I’m not at all suggesting that every dime spent on SCHIP is spent wisely. You can’t make that claim of any government program. But if we want to keep costs in check, we can’t expand SCHIP to cover middle-income families and adults, because that was never its purpose.

Where was this guy’s veto pen on all of the less popular, less PC and utterly wasteful government spending before October? Just askin’.

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