in which my mets are doomed before opening day

George Vescey in the NYT:

It is growing late. Too much cable money is being squandered. Jerry Manuel’s laughter has run out its novelty. He is probably set up to fail, waiting for the next era, whatever that will be. In theory, it’s always nice to have a new baseball season, but at Dante Alighieri Stadium, abandon hope.

Unfortunately, I think Vescey’s nailed it.  Even with all the cable money the Mets have, they aren’t doing anything intelligent with it. Somehow the obvious opportunities are missed by ownership and GM Omar Minaya.  There are players we could have signed, and deals we could have made.  Only one team can be the Yankees, but the Mets have the money to compete for players with all the other teams, and they don’t.  In addition to that,  the Mets coaching staff has just recently started telling their pitchers that they need to throw more strikes!  Why should they have to point this out??  How insane is that?

At what point do we determine that GM Omar Minaya has failed and that the Wilpons must replace him?  Who knows.

Hope everyone else enjoys Opening Day.   Me, I’ll just be praying for miraculous wisdom to suddenly fall on the front office, and for an overachieving pitching staff for my Mets this year.   More wins?  Let’s not get crazy.