re: remove all doubt

Interesting that my buddy Chris is willing to link to Fox News, since it’s such an unreliable source. ūüėČ I’m not sure why he wants to classify Fox News as part of the MSM, except that a lot more people watch FNC for their news than MSLSD or CNN. ¬†But ok…Fox News is now part of the hypocritical double standard where the MSM doesn’t call Iraq and Afghanistan socialistic enterprises, but it criticizes Obama for wanting to spend US taxpayer dollars on solving global poverty. ¬†One of these should be under the umbrella of necessary foreign policy, and one of them should not be. ¬†We disagree on whether the US role in rebuilding Iraq is a good investment in a positive outcome for Iraq or whether it’s just government wasting our money on useless nation-building — and thus no more useful than Obama’s efforts to finance the end of world poverty.

I’m not missing any such point. ¬†If the MSM sees a difference between our efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan and what Obama is proposing with the Global Poverty Act, ¬†it’s probably because there is one. ¬†If your intention is to shoot a specific messenger, you might want to get a more accurate gun. ¬†If Barack is being misrepresented, that’s not my fault. ¬†That’s not the fault of the MSM or Fox News. ¬†That’s his campaign’s fault. ¬†But I’m getting off of the subject here…

I called the bailouts socialism, while acknowledging my lack of expertise on the subject of the financial markets. ¬†You can choose to see this as a cop-out, or as an excuse for me not to be too hard on President Bush. ¬†That’s your opinion, and you are welcome to it. ¬†You can spin all you want to, but even you do not know what Barack Obama will do once he’s President. ¬†He could decide to keep troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. ¬†Thus the war funding would continue. ¬†

But let’s say you’re right — that we suddenly have all the Iraq and Afghanistan money to play with.

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