to the GOP – grounds for our divorce


Consider this the official announcement of my divorce from the Republican Party. It’s clear the RNC and the GOP do not respect the voice of conservatives or of the delegates duly elected by the people of this country. This party has been using us for years to elevate their political power and control. But you don’t really care what we think, do you? You are out of touch with the grassroots of your party, and you refuse to allow transparency and accountability of the RNC leadership. You authorized strong-arm tactics in the rules committee and allowed the delegates to be threatened with political reprisal by your own thugs and by the ones employed by Trump. You are afraid of dissent. You are afraid of alternative voices. This is not a healthy party. The party of yes-men will continue to shrink its base. This should bother you if you care at all about the party’s future.

Your betrayal of conservatives can no longer be excused. You used us, your conservative base, to gain power and win elections. All along we have swallowed hard and accepted the lesser of two evils because we believed it was for the greater good- that the Republican Party was the vehicle for our values and principles to be represented in policy implementation and discussions. We have given you more than enough chances to come correct, to acknowledge our worth and value to the party, and at the very least, to respect our right to be heard in the rules process and the convention proceedings. This shouldn’t be too much to ask.

What does the Republican Party stand for right now? Limited government? Let’s see the evidence. Do its representatives embody any principles we formally endorsed in the Republican platform such as: sanctity of life, protection of marriage, and religious liberty? Do you all even actually believe what you claim to believe? Rule of law? Please. You and your gangs of RNC / Trump thugs broke convention rules, stifled dissent and debate, and threatened delegates for opposing your new savior. You have shut out the conservative base, and chased Democrat, independent, and socialist voters at the expense of the conservatives you already had. You allowed vicious personal attacks on Ted Cruz, and helped orchestrate opposition to him simply for calling you phonies out and speaking truth to the country. The general election voters would have to be blind not to figure out that this party is a corrupt and dishonest fraud which has nominated a man who is a con artist and a charlatan.

The Republican Party in its current state is broken. It is sick. It took this election to lay bare the flaws and fraud for all to see. It has now become the party of Trump, and I don’t see a place for conservatives like me in this new evolution that embraces social liberalism and promotes big government involvement in the economy and in social policy. These are my reasons. There are many others like me who are making a clean break from a party that boos Ted Cruz for speaking of principles and values, yet embraces the failed policies of the Democrats, including their social liberalism. I’m done with this party. It is now your job alone to douse the dumpster fire you could have avoided months ago after it costs you the election in November. Enjoy Trump. Own this massive failure. It is all on you and the Republican Party.