choose cruz

America is in a very dangerous place right now. Our country is broken and fractured as a result of the past eight years. Its citizens have lost faith in everything, but especially in its two political parties. My expectations of Democrats are very low to begin with, so when politicians from that party break promises and continue to grow our government spending and federal overreach to ridiculous levels, it’s hardly a surprise.

Here’s the truth – both parties are broken, but no party is more broken than the Republican Party. They continue to ignore the will of the people and not only break promises, but also disrespect those who want us to stick to the original principles of this party – limited government, free markets, strict devotion to the Constitution, and responsible spending of taxpayer dollars. They have betrayed us, and the anger of the American people is largely due to the failure of this party to keep its word and be a responsible caretaker of the trust we gave them. This is where we are as a country, and it’s frightening what remedy our fellow citizens have chosen to address this massive Republican failure. I will get to Trump shortly, but this is about fixing the immediate problems we have in this political process.

Let’s start with this admission: Ted Cruz is not likely to win any beauty contests or popularity contests. Noted. One could of course argue the same is true of Trump. This should not be important to determining who can be the leader of the free world, and based on what we have seen so far, it is not. It is my contention that we need a change agent who will drastically modify the broken status quo within the limits of our Constitutional system, as well as someone who understands the current mood of the country and our hunger for governmental reform. That man is Senator Cruz.

If we believe that government is broken, and a large majority of us do, based on all the Trump / Cruz votes – then you can’t elect someone who will continue to break promises to the voters with bad deals / bad legislation. The only true outsider willing to stand up to his own party and say, “What the hell are you doing?” is Cruz. That’s a quality I want in a President – someone who knows exactly what time it is.

Yes, it is true that Senator Cruz is a scary conservative – if you define that as someone who wants the Republican party to return to what it used to stand for before its leadership and Congressional party hacks started compromising our principles and values. Senator Cruz is a Christian, but that doesn’t automatically make him intolerant or determined to implement a theocracy, as some may fear. It would be unreasonable to expect anyone who professes Christ as Lord not to be guided by his / her faith, but Cruz is also a Constitutionalist, which means he would stick to its limits as far as government reach / overreach. There is no reason to believe that alternative lifestyle choices would be persecuted under a Cruz administration.

Another important consideration is that our next President will have to make some Supreme Court nominations. Again, the Senator’s resume speaks for itself – as someone who argued before the Court 9 times and won 5 of those decisions, and as someone who previously worked for the former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Senator Cruz has the knowledge to select someone of quality who will interpret law according to the Constitution. No other candidate can claim this kind of experience.

This is my case for Senator Cruz – we need someone to disrupt business as usual, and the remaining candidates do not offer that possibility. This includes Donald J. Trump. He would be “flexible” as he says, and he has previously donated to liberal Democrat politicians as well as some Republicans who have been the catalyst behind disastrous policy decisions. Senator Rubio and Governor Kasich are also willing to cut deals and compromise with the failed system we have now.

Maybe these kind of compromises and deal-making don’t bother you. Ask yourself this question: Shouldn’t the voters be the ones deciding who the nominee of the Republican Party is? If your answer to that question is YES, then you cannot support Senator Rubio and Governor Kasich. Even if you believe Rubio could win Florida or Kasich could win Ohio, it is unlikely that either one could get enough delegates to overtake Trump or Cruz and win the nomination that way. As a result, you could end up with none of these men being our nominee, and having a split field of anti-Trump candidates hands the nomination to Donald Trump.

All this to say – we have a guy who has the momentum and the infrastructure to take down Trump as well as a legit path to get the nomination. If you don’t want to have to make a horrible choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the fall, Senator Cruz is the only one who can prevent him from getting the nomination. Trump or no Trump, he is still the best guy with the best resume for the job. Vote for Ted Cruz.