something new

Wow. Now I know how SEC fans feel when their teams pound sad non-conference opponents. And I like that feeling. A lot. This is something new for Ohio State. I don’t think the Buckeyes have ever scored over 70 points in their history, or at least as long as I’ve been watching OSU football. Scary looking offense has never been our MO and I never expected to see a game like this – especially under the limits of Tressel-ball and with a QB like Terrelle Pryor. Give him credit though. He had an outstanding game today. Even after today, I still do not trust Pryor. Not a lick. He’s equally capable of making a bad play at the exact wrong time, like he did last year against Purdue. Now it’s time for him to show that he has made the adjustments necessary to become the guy all the media people think he already is. Heisman candidate – seriously? He’s not going to play Eastern Michigan every week, people. I would settle for a solid QB who doesn’t make mistakes, and someone who will get us to the national championship game over a guy with the gaudy stat lines.

I’m not making any big deal about clobbering Eastern Michigan. That’s something OSU was expected to do – although not with that margin of victory. There’s still a few important games to go before the end of the season. We still must conquer the rest of the Big Ten teams on the schedule and pound the Wolverines. But I’m starting to believe — and I’m going to wait on new OSU gear until after January, just in case. 🙂