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Let’s move on from the Barack Obama birth certificate controversy.  Much more important things to worry about. debunks the rumors that President Obama is not a natural-born citizen, and thus ineligible to be President of the United States here.

According to Snopes, the Certificate of Live Birth provided by the Obama campaign is not a forgery. writers agree — they have seen the original document and provide pictures and other documentation to accompany their report.  In addition to that, both Snopes and mention that there is a birth announcement in the Honolulu Advertiser on the day of Obama’s birth (Aug.13th, 1961).  That’s some excellent planning on somebody’s part to begin this conspiracy way back in 1961!  Also,  there’s an account of one of Barack’s former teachers who had a conversation with the obstetrician who delivered our 45th President.  Of course Hawaiian officials have confirmed that our President was born in Hawaii.

I’m convinced.   This may not be enough for some of my fellow Republicans, but I’ve done the best I can to lay these facts out there and let everyone come to their own conclusions.  But please, stop pushing this.  Ya’ll make all of us look like fools.

4 thoughts on “try something else

  1. Yeah, the GOP needs to focus on policy, it’s there where we are superior. Transparent policy is going to get us back on top.

  2. Kent, you have no clue do you?

    Just last week you said: “In terms of the citizenship question, if the people who are questioning Obama’s citizenship are so off base why doesn’t the White House do a document dump to discredit them once and for all?”

    Sounds like a birther to me.

  3. Two reasons the Obama administration won’t do a document dump regarding the birth certificate.

    1. They don’t need to. Only the fringe idiots and losers beat that drum. In fact, Orly Tattertits and her ilk are getting rich off it. Suckers!

    2. Having people running around saying stupid shit about you is GOOD for you. Nobody who believes it would vote for you anyway…since they are either too stupid or hate you too much to see reason. The people who do support you will rally even more support for you when your re-election comes up. Look for liberals to keep stirring the birthers pot in the coming years.

    • I would be interested to see the proof that Orly makes a significant amount of money by going around questioning the citizenship of the President of the United States. Not that she comes off as the most credible person to begin with, but the media gets the credit for dismissing her and her ilk as fringe idiots. There is truth to what you say related to the potential benefit to President Obama having opposition that the average American would dismiss as crackpots and fools. People like the birthers make the whole Republican party look like idiots and Neanderthals. On the other hand, there are legitimate criticisms to be made about Obama’s policies, and these are getting lost in the chaos of all these other external issues, like questioning Obama’s birth certificate.

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