the department of slow learners

NONE OF THESE BAILOUTS ARE WORKING!!!! So what does this clown want to do? That’s right. He wants to throw more money at the problem we aren’t fixing (in addition to the 50 zillion other bailouts we as taxpayers have already funded, and the bonuses paid to other companies as well as AIG). No second stimulus. We must draw the line somewhere. This guy is worried that AIG’s behavior may jeopardize support for a second stimulus. If Liddy and his government-appointed pals at AIG can wake up the American people to the giant mistakes we are making with all these bailouts, they don’t deserve a public flogging. They deserve to be left alone for performing this public service to the American people. Unfortunately, some drones will remain happily unaware of what’s going on in this country. Fast forward to about 1:43 into the video clip.