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I’ve had doubts about President Obama since I first took a look at his campaign, but even I didn’t expect this level of confusion.

Now-Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner –  isn’t too keen on paying taxes, even when it’s clearly explained to him how to do it.  It inspires such confidence knowing that our Treasury Secretary can’t handle his own taxes or even manage to find himself a decent accountant to keep track of those things for him.  This is the only guy who can solve the economy?  If so, we are in deep trouble.  Shame on the Republicans who voted to confirm him.

Former HHS nominee – Senator Daschle – married to a super-lobbyist,  didn’t consider the tax implications of having his own personal limo driver “kindly lent to him” by a friend with absolutely no strings attached. Is he the only one capable of forcing through universal health care?   That’s doubtful.

Watch as the former senator rails against tax cheats.  Good stuff.  Wish I could embed this video.

Former Chief Performance Officer nominee – Nancy Killefer, felled by nanny issues and tax issues.

Then there’s the botched handling of General Anthony Zinni.  He was reportedly offered the job of ambassador to Iraq by Secretary of State Clinton, then President Obama changed his mind and withdrew the offer.   Can’t say I understand the President’s reasoning here, especially when they have apparently decided to give the job to Bush’s assistant secretary of State for East Asia, Chris Hill. Is there something else we don’t know about him that’s fatally damaging?  Kind of makes you wonder, based on the current pattern of Obama nominees.

There’s more Cabinet members worthy of skepticism, including AG Eric Holder, but I think these are enough examples of the flaws in President Obama’s vetting process.  This is truly ethics and competence we can believe in.  Not to mention that great judgment Obama was always bragging about…

President Obama says “I screwed up” when talking about some of these picks.  Good for him.  He doesn’t get extra credit for taking responsibility for his mistakes.  I just hope that he’s a quick study on how to deal with our allies and our enemies.  Foreign policy is an area where a simple “Oops” or “I screwed up” may not be sufficient to obtain forgiveness from the American people.

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  1. Geithner blamed his tax oversight on the fact that he used “Turbo Tax”.

    The head of the IRS has trouble using turbo tax? Not exactly a ringing endorsement of the tax filing software.

    “Honey, we’re being audited. What does the box say about that?”

    You can’t make this stuff up.

  2. Obama seems to be incredibly disorganized in the personnel department. And that’s a bad thing.

    If he’s this derelict in choosing the people with whom he’s going to be working with on a daily basis, how can he be trusted with the national security of the United States?

  3. Someone called to Rush’s show and claimed that there was a Fortune mag profile of Geithner that said he hated math. I couldn’t find it, so I didn’t put that in the post. If that was true, what an awesome quality to have in a Treasury Secretary. Taxes are hard even with online software. I personally have to file a federal return plus two state returns (because I live in SC and work in NC), so I can identify with our new Treasury Secretary’s struggles. But there’s no point in expecting him to fix the economy if he can’t even figure out TurboTax.

    What pattern? I see no pattern in all these questionable Cabinet choices. 😉

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