Congratulations to President-elect Barack Obama.  It’s truly a historic achievement, and I’m proud of my country for finally breaking this barrier that has been in place for a very long time.  He ran a great campaign, and he was able to blunt all the Republican arguments against him without much effort.  There will be more said about the missed opportunities by the McCain campaign, and many second-guessers will analyze the failures of that campaign for years to come.

Barack…we have given you an opportunity to lead this nation.  Don’t change it too much.

The United States of America is still a great country.  That greatness stems from the hard work and dedication of our citizens.  Our strength has always been in our people and in our awesome military.  We can take comfort in the fact that America’s success or failure is not determined by our politicians.  Each and every one of us can and will make adjustments to our lives based on political realities, but it’s even more important that we keep fighting.   I intend to hold our next President accountable, and for the sake of this country, I want him to make the right decisions in domestic and foreign policy.  That’s what country first should mean — putting our country before any political party advantage.  Many tough decisions will have to be made in the next 4 years, and it is in America’s best interest that President-elect Obama makes the right decisions.

Today we give Barack credit for making history.  Tomorrow we get to work fighting him on policy issues.

4 thoughts on “history

  1. The Right congratulates Obama on his victory because it is the decent thing to do.

    What would the reaction of the Left been had McCain won?

    They wouldn’t have offered congratulations.

    Quite frankly, we are better people.

  2. The Left would have been rioting in the streets if Obama did not win.

    What am I saying, the Left rioted in the streets because Obama won.

    When the celebration ends though, it’s time to sweep up the confetti, snap out of the trance, and realize that there are major issues to be dealt with.

    My congratulations comes in the form of wishing Obama luck, he’s gonna need it. It’ll take more than a few catchy slogans and a fawning press to surmount the obstacles in front of him and our country.

  3. I agree Obama will need luck. He will also need some good advice, because he will have to face some tough challenges internationally and on the home front. This country doesn’t have the option to let Obama fail. We all are affected by whatever decisions he makes, so no matter what political advantage that it may have for the Democrats in the short term, I want Obama to make the right decisions for the future of this nation. Sure it would make more political sense to root for an Obama failure, but that’s a chance I don’t want to take. That’s why we have to keep fighting Barack’s campaign proposals, assuming that he actually wants to do all of these things he talked about during the campaign.

    I am rooting for a lefty meltdown if Barack doesn’t do all the politically suicidal things the netroots is pushing him to do. If I’m going to pay higher taxes and possibly have government health care, at least I will have a few laughs along the way.

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