another meaningless endorsement for barack

Didn’t realize the Obama bandwagon had any empty seats after Colin Powell endorsed him on Meet the Press.  Now he gets the support of another former Bushie, Scott McClellan.  Now all those undecided voters can finally make up their mind to vote for Barack.  No doubt they were waiting on those two endorsements to figure out which candidate to support.  Doesn’t it bother Obama that so many former Bush administration people support him?  After all…Bush has been the worst president ever, right?   How much are these endorsements really worth?

I suspect…not very much.

2 thoughts on “another meaningless endorsement for barack

  1. Indeed. Why are all these former Bushies endorsing Obama? Shouldn’t this concern the leftists, that followers of “this failure of a President” now believe that Barack Obama is competent and worthy to lead our country? I’m not sure what McClellan’s after… it’s not like the lefties will ever give a job.

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