still alive

Hillary Clinton got her needed Pennsylvania win over Barack Obama, and the final margin will probably be around 8 points. It does give her enough of an argument to keep going in the race, and many Republicans hope she will prolong this contest a few more months, even though we know that Barack will prevail in the end. It is surprising that even with all Barack’s strengths as a campaigner and his overall charisma, his lead is not expanding by a much wider margin over Hillary Clinton. Hillary is right when she says that Barack can’t seem to close the deal with Democrats. It should be a no-brainer for them, with all the negatives Hillary’s carrying around. She has stayed in this race long enough to expose some of Barack’s weaknesses, and that’s another reason why Hillary isn’t giving up yet. She’s holding out hope that he will make a more serious mistake than the minor gaffes we have seen from him so far. It could happen. However, it’s a hard case to make to the superdelegates that she will be the strongest candidate against McCain in November if she loses the popular vote and the delegate count to Barack Obama.

Update: The final numbers are closer to 10 points.  It still may not make much difference to the final outcome, but Hillary’s still in and not going away any time soon.

2 thoughts on “still alive

  1. Speaking as an outsider in the UK…I don’t trust Hillary Clinton.

    For a while I was charmed… but over time, I have come to the conclusion that as hungry as all politicians are for power, Clinton seems to have demonstrated a desire for power that eclipses the others. She seems to be willing to do more to get it… and in my book,those who desire power the most… deserve it the least.

    Some would say it is just because she is demonstrating stregth of character…

    …but I say don’t mistake lust for strength.



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