it’s over

Hillary continues to struggle in these debates. She had some substantive things to say, but her attacks on Barack Obama did not achieve the desired objective. They didn’t change the mind of Obama voters. It doesn’t matter that she may know more on foreign policy, or that she has a detailed health care proposal. She is, and will always be, the kind of Washington insider and divisive figure that cannot be a agent of change. Barack Obama offers not only a clean break from President Bush, but also a clean break from the D.C. Democrats and from the Clinton nostalgia that has held the Democrat party captive since Bill left office. In some ways, the change Obama offers is radical. But most of his ideas aren’t new or original.  They are the same Democratic boilerplate policies that have failed in the past, and will continue to fail in the future.

The media has called this race for Obama, and they will continue to be biased and ask Hillary tougher questions.  You saw some of this last night in the debate.  Hillary got the majority of the hard questions, and Obama was able to dodge his few tough questions and emerge unscathed from the encounter.  The only hope Hillary Clinton has was for Barack to stumble, and so far he has not.   All her arguments for herself and against Obama have fallen flat.   Texas and Ohio will have their say, but Barack Obama will still be the Democrat nominee, because the Democrats are ready to move on from the 90’s.

There have been many articles written about the failures of the Clinton campaign to get Hillary to the nomination with all the built-in advantages she had in the beginning.  I don’t argue that Hillary’s team has run the most competent campaign.  They have made mistakes.  However, Hillary Clinton is (and always was) a flawed candidate, and it’s a credit to her team that she’s made it this far. I really did want the pleasure of voting against her, but if the Democrats end up rejecting her and picking Obama instead, I will be ok with that too.

McCain must get his game face on, because the media will continue to give Obama favorable coverage.  He needs to have a better game plan against Obama than Hillary did, or he will suffer the same possible fate as she does now.

7 thoughts on “it’s over

  1. I agree Hillary got the tougher questions. I didn’t watch the debate, I haven’t watched a single debate this year, but I saw some highlights and wow did Russert hammer her on a couple occasions. I couldn’t imagine what would have happened during the run up to the invasion of Iraq had Bush been held to the same journalistic standards as what Hillary was the other night. That would require Bush being asked questions and we all know questioning the greatest president ever is unpatriotic.

    Back to your point about this being over. It very well could be. If Hillary wins both OH and TX, it’s not. If she only wins OH it is.

    I think Hillary ran a very aggressive campaign. Her only fault is they were not prepared for Barack Hussein Obama. The Clinton’s thought he would fizzle and he didn’t, and won’t. Barack’s good and he’s almost like teflon. I don’t think the 90yo McCain will be able to keep up with him. Another Hillary mistake is Sean Penn. He’s a terrible campaign adviser and more of a guru than any kind of expert.

  2. Hillary better not be taking any career advice from Sean Penn. That would be a serious mistake. 🙂

    I just can’t believe that the Dems will pick Hillary over Obama at this point, no matter what the final delegate count is. They know that he’s the strongest candidate for them in November.

    As for the template…I was SO hoping you would like it. 😛 I like it too. I just wish I knew more about customizing these WP templates.

  3. Well…they are BOTH overrated. Hillary should have listened to Bill’s advisers. Seems like his team is smarter than her band of proven loyalists battle-tested staffers. I don’t put much trust in Penn’s micro-targeting, because people can’t be put in convenient boxes like that. His methods are worthy of criticism, no doubt — but even more so when Hillary’s losing.

    I need a WordPress guru. There’s more I want to do with this template.

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