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McCain wins big, Mitt struggles, and Huckabee picks up some southern states. The future of the race doesn’t look good for anyone but McCain, and we may have to resign ourselves to the real possibility that John McCain will be the Republican nominee for President.  There are no guarantees that he can beat Hillary or Obama, despite what the polls seem to be telling us.  He definitely won’t win if conservatives stay home, so I hope he plans a significant outreach program between now and the election.  He can’t change his record, but he can do more to reassure us that he has learned from his past mistakes.  Whether McCain does this or not, ultimately we all have to make the choice whether to support him or stay home.  It’s hard to motivate the base in an election year when your nominee is someone like McCain.

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4 thoughts on “nothing left to say

  1. First the Pats lose and now this. I think I’ll stay in bed all week.

    At this point, I’d rather vote for Obama in order to annoy Hillary than come anywhere near voting for a man who is single-handedly ruining the Republican party by making us into Democrats-lite.

  2. I hear ya…but I think I’m with Kent on this. There are more considerations in play here than the areas where we have strong disagreements with McCain — the war in Iraq (getting that to a successful conclusion) and Supreme Court nominations. I would be much happier letting McCain handle the war than putting those decisions in the hands of Hillary or Obama. I do have a disagreement with him on the classification of what torture is as well as the idea of closing Gitmo. But he doesn’t want to surrender in Iraq, so he’s a better choice than those two. As for Supreme Court nominations, I am confident that McCain would give us more originalist judges than either Democrat.

    If we make the choice not to vote for McCain (and I know there are quite a few people who take this view), we will be taking a huge risk that Hillary or Obama wins, and that they manage to pass some of their socialist agenda with a very compliant Democrat majority in Congress. I haven’t made a final decision yet, but it doesn’t look like Mitt is going to be the nominee, so I will have to make that choice eventually.

    Sorry about the Pats. I was rooting for ’em. 19-0 would have been an amazing season.

  3. If you’ll take the time to Google Raila Odinga Obama, you will find that Obamas brother is a radical muslim and Obama actually went to Kenya to stump for Raila Odinga for Kenya president. Odinga wants to abolish the Kenyan constitution, institute Sharia law and says that Islam is the only true religion. Odinga and Obama are from the same tribe.

    Obama was a muslim to the age of 26 when he was supposedly converted to Christianity by another supposed ex-muslim who is now the pastor of the openly racist and Afro-centric church Obama attends and who calls Louis Farrakhan, radical black muslim and outspoken Jew-hater, and leader of the Nation of Islam, “the epitome of greatness.”

    Obama is no Christian. Neither is his church. The Arab League supports him. Guess why. CAIR supports him. Don’t know what CAIR is? Do a Google. They’re radical muslims affiliated with Palestinian terrorists.

    Be careful who you vote for.


  4. Rastaman,

    Why do you insist on spreading this garbage? Snopes debunked this claim. CNN said there was nothing to the story about Obama being educated in a madrassa. Now I will grant you that I am concerned about Obama’s current church because of the reasons you mentioned, but I have absolutely no reservations about Obama related to where he might be spiritually. He’s not a radical Muslim. I don’t believe that he subscribes to any racist or Jew-hating views, no matter what the views of the leader of his church might be. People of all faiths have leaders who we wish would just shut up sometimes, and often they don’t accurately represent the views of their flock.

    How do you know Obama is ok with Sharia law? How do you know he’s down with a religious caliphate? I would respectfully suggest that Obama’s ties to Islam are tenuous at best. I also know that nothing I say can convince you otherwise, and you are free to believe what you want to about Obama. I just can’t allow that to go unchallenged on my own blog. Hope you understand my position on this.

    There are plenty of reasons to oppose Obama. We don’t even have to get to whether he is a Muslim or not. He is for adding to the bloated bureaucracy in our federal government by introducing universal health care. He is for taxing the rich. He wouldn’t have the inclination to stay in Iraq until we finish stabilizing Iraq. He’s pro-choice. In many areas, he doesn’t agree with conservatives. As much as conservatives dislike the choice we will have to make between Obama/Hillary or McCain, it is absolutely true that McCain is much closer to our views than either Democrat.

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