The dream is over for Rudy Giuliani, and for the President of the “Two Americas” John Edwards. Edwards announced his exit from the presidential race today, and Rudy Giuliani is expected to make it official some time before the debate tonight.  I’m sorry that Rudy decided to quit the race. Sure, at the end of the day, his campaign didn’t end up any better than Fred’s, but he would have had a real shot at stopping McCain in all those blue states on Super Tuesday.  I think the wrong Republican quit the race today, but if Rudy wasn’t going to make a serious attempt at retail politics in Florida or in any of the early states,  maybe it’s better that he recognized that now instead of waiting until later to officially end his campaign.

Meanwhile, Governor Huck still continues to smile and make corny jokes and to take votes from Romney.  It’s over Huck.  After Super Tuesday, it will be time to recognize that.  There’s a reason why the media has stopped talking much about your candidacy. Take the hint.  It’s time to make an outstanding “I give up” speech.

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4 thoughts on “quitters

  1. Hackleberry is only in the race to help double team Romney by sucking away Christian conservatives from Romney.

    The Huckster reacted so childishly to Romney’s attack ads that he still isn’t over it. Somewhere along the line McCain and henchman Hackabee decided that their liberal records were beyond reproach. Somehow Romney was way out of line to point out that they are both mostly liberals. Yet it is perfectly fine for McStain to make up lies about Romney and make thousands of misleading robo-calls. McCain can’t actually point to Romney’s record as a negative so he simply invented parts of it and then struck it down as a straw man.

    In any event, their is an unholy alliance between McCamnesty and Hickleberry because of their shared irrational hatred of Romney. The Huckster would sooner betray his own social conservative base to help McCain win than he would have want someone who is actually a social conservative in the white house. It’s petty revenge before ideology all day long with these two clowns, McStain and Hackabee.

    I think that it is quite clear by now that any social conservative with a brain should vote for Romney not McCain’s henchman Huckster, something I’ve been saying from the beginning.

  2. I agree with you. Unfortunately, there might not be anything we can do about the Huck/McCain alliance. How can we convince voters in the rest of the Super Tuesday states? Can we write some op-eds for the local papers in those states? I wish there was something we could do to help Romney, but I think it’s something his campaign needs to figure out for itself (and hopefully by debate time tonight).

  3. Earlier this month I started writing for an online conservative magazine of sorts called “conservablogs”. I submit some of my more substantive posts to the editor who slaps pictures on them and publishes them when and where he sees fit.

    It’s not quite as effective as being able to write op-eds for primary-relevant newspapers but I’ve managed to broaden my audience amongst at least some conservatives and discuss all the reasons why Romney is the best choice and that McCain is unacceptable

    Here are a few links to some of my stuff (my ability to embed a link is down for the moment, so just cut and paste these into your address bar):




    You should join this online community. It is in the word press format, which you obviously familiar with. Just write like you normally would, then cut and paste into their format. I’d welcome seeing you on there, where I and a few others are trying to save/revive conservatism in one corner of the conservative blogosphere.

  4. I’ll check it out. I’m not sure how much time I can commit to posting to other blogs (I have a clone of Chaos at Townhall that I never update), but I will take a look at it. I like your work, Jaz. That’s why I linked to your blog. 😉 I do need more exposure for my blog, though, because it seems like I’m putting too much effort into posts nobody is reading except you and Kent (and my mom). Thanks for the suggestion.

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