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After last night’s debate, I think Ron Paul needs to make a graceful exit from the presidential race. It’s not because his ideas aren’t worth discussing, although I think that it would be hard to make the case for eliminating the FBI and CIA post-911. He was right to point out that our intelligence agencies didn’t work as well together as they should have leading up to the tragedy of September 11 as well as the war in Iraq. That problem can’t be fixed by spending less money on intelligence, yet this is what Paul seems to be suggesting. And whether you agree with Ron Paul’s assessment of the Iraq war or not, I don’t think that Paul represents a realistic approach to dealing with threats to our national security in the Islamic world. That’s not where the Republican party is on national security and the war in Iraq, and the more he tries to sell his withdrawal plans, the less convincing he becomes. The prescription by Dr. Paul is the wrong one, and we need to seek a second opinion.

This isn’t about shutting down alternative points of view to the Republican front-runners. Ron Paul has had more than enough time to make his case to the voters of this country, and it’s time to recognize that he hasn’t managed to do that. Not only that, but he has become a punching bag for Giuliani and Huckabee, which can’t do much for his credibilty or viability as a candidate. I think we have heard enough from Ron Paul to decide that he isn’t the right person to lead our party in the next election.

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2 thoughts on “exit strategy

  1. Ron Paul is the only candidate that should even be allowed to run since he is not paid by Israel!!!

    Look at his site, read what he stands for. He stands for what our government is supposed to be about.
    Letting the states decide their own rules and to keep us on top of things!
    Republicans always fail at both of those things.

    Democrats raise those things, but do not do enough.

    Ron Paul could do it!

    If you read what he is about you will probably find more points that you agree with then you would on any other candidate!


    Tracy V

  2. If you are going to make accusations against the other presidential candidates, I would hope that you can back them up with evidence. I understand why you would oppose political contributions from foreign governments, since that’s illegal. However, there is nothing wrong with being pro-Israel.

    It’s smart policy for the US to have an ally in the Middle East, since we face real threats from Israel’s neighbors in the region. This country has always been a friend of Israel, and I hope that we will always count Israel as an ally of ours. It makes political sense.

    I have nothing against Ron Paul. In some of my previous posts, I said nice things about some of his policy proposals on the domestic side. However, I think his ideas on foreign policy are naive and dangerous to our national security interests, and that’s why I can’t support him for President.

    If you like states deciding things, you might want to look into the Fred candidacy. He’s a federalist and he’s got a reasonable chance of winning the nomination.

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