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Courtesy of Real Clear Politics via Foreign Affairs mag:

Rudy Giuliani “Toward a Realistic Peace” vs. John Edwards “Reengaging with the World“.

Whatever you may think of Rudy as a presidential candidate, you certainly can’t say that he hasn’t thought much about the next steps in our foreign policy and the war against terrorists. His knowledge and understanding of that subject is what’s keeping him in the top tier. That’s the only reason social conservatives are willing to accept a socially liberal candidate, and why everyone else is so willing to excuse Giuliani for his previous views on illegal immigrants and sanctuary cities. Speaking of Giuliani, there is a mammoth profile of him in The New Yorker, which is definitely worth the time it takes to read if you are considering supporting Giuliani to win the nomination.

Earmarks are still with us. Heck of a job, Democrats.

Rove resigns. The amazing part is that Rasmussen actually found that 25% of the Democrats he polled liked Karl Rove. That can’t be possible, can it? I think the legacy of Karl Rove will be that he was better at winning elections than he was at helping Dubya getting his agenda through Congress — and that the genius label was somewhat undeserved.

Also, from Cao’s blog, Kender says: “I Think I Shall Become A Socialist“. And the Dems will take care of me….LOL.

If that’s not enough links for you, just go read IMAO. There’s always something funny to read there. Just scroll down a few posts.

More serious analysis and debate will return soon after I finish this book. Until then talk among yourselves. 😉

4 thoughts on “picks to click v.1

  1. Guliani is a mob backed, incestuous stooge!!

    You need to look at Ron Paul, and if you don’t agree with what he stands for then you aren’t really an American but a Neo-Con!!



  2. First of all, I never gave Giuliani my endorsement. That said, if he’s the Republican party nominee, in spite of my doubts, I will vote for him over Hillary.

    I’ve seen all I want to see of Ron Paul. I like his limited-government tendencies and I’m sympathetic to his call to abolish the IRS. However, I think his foreign policy ideas are dangerous for our national security considering the nature of the enemy we face. Also, I don’t think he’s electable.

    A word of free advice (if I may): You don’t win converts to Ron Paul’s candidacy by insulting them and calling them neo-cons.

  3. Ron Paul fans want to make this debate ugly, and call the other candidates names. Are they that afraid of debating Paul’s ideas compared to those of Romney, Giuliani, Thompson, and McCain? That’s what I suspect.

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