i’m truly shocked

According to the Financial Times of London, carbon offsets such as the kind purchased by corporations, big Hollywood celebs, and Al Gore provide little to no environmental benefit.  You don’t say. We can expect nothing much to be reported about this, and all those buying into this myth will continue to preach to us about wasting toilet paper and driving big gas-guzzling SUVs. Until all these ‘greenies’ start practicing what they preach, and allowing opposing arguments on the environment to be heard…I can’t buy what they’re selling.

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4 thoughts on “i’m truly shocked

  1. That’s why you spend the money to make cleaner, greener choices — not some ambiguous “credits.” Credits for what? Shopping? 5% off? That’s stupid. Greener, fuel-efficient, and environmental choices are ones we take action for directly, whether it involves our pockets or not. Until then, the vehicles and such you scoff won’t be running any better.

  2. Exactly. That’s the point. We should all make more environmentally responsible choices. All I’m saying is that those who advocate these greener lifestyles should be practicing what they preach.

  3. The entire climate change movement is as phony as this ‘carbon credit’ nonsense.

    We must drill now. Drill in the Gulf of Mexico. Drill in ANWR. Drill off the coast of Virginia. Utilizing our own natural resources will give us 30 years worth of energy independence. And during our independence we will have the time to develop alternative methods of energy.

    Now let’s get it done.

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