john mccain: bracketologist?

as if there weren’t enough people foolishly filling out NCAA basketball tournament brackets, talking about “cinderellas” and “glass slippers” and such, now we must add john mccain to that list. the arizona senator and letterman fan has filled out his bracket, and let’s just say he didn’t put much thought into it. somebody should have advised mccain that not every #1 seed in a region makes it to the final four.  he doesn’t have a prayer of winning his own contest, but if you want to try to win some kewl mccain swag, feel free to take his bracket challenge.

it’s an interesting compulsion politicians seem to have to pander to sports fans. for example, john f. kerry: he LOVES the red sox, but someone had to inform him who the manager was and who some of the players were.  hillary clinton: she used to be a cubs fan, but she had a miraculous conversion to becoming a yankee fan while running for senator of new york. amazing how that happens. my money says she never really watched either team, deciding instead to pursue an interest in a different kind of sport.

seriously, people…why does everyone feel compelled to fill out a NCAA bracket at March Madness time? you know your picks will be done after the first 10 games.  you are not going to win big money. give up.  i can understand the addiction with the game though. however, if you find yourself filling out NIT and NCAA women’s basketball brackets…GET.HELP.FAST.

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