neil boortz calls us out

Can our love of freedom be rekindled? Frankly, I doubt it. We’re too lazy. Too used to the good life. We love living as adult children with our mommy and daddy, in the form of government, taking care of our basic needs while we sit around worrying who the next Falcons head coach will be and who is going to be the next American Idol.

I guess in a few years from now some young people will look at me and think to themselves “He’s old! Yeeechhhhh.” Yeah, maybe so. But I knew America when freedom was precious. I knew America before the war on the individual. I knew America before political correctness. I knew America when individual accomplishment was celebrated, not derided; when grades meant something and when the mother of a functionally illiterate child didn’t drive around with a “My child is an honor student” bumper sticker on her car….

Can America be saved? Can we be rescued from politicians who are more interested in their positions of power and the perks that come with membership in the congress? Perhaps … but I don’t see it happening. I don’t see it happening as long as CNN can travel to the sidewalks and find some young bimbo who will proclaim that she doesn’t want to manage any part of her own retirement plans — that she would rather have the government do it all for her. I don’t see it happening as long as people look to the government to set their wage rates. And I certainly don’t see it happening as long as the American people remain blissfully unaware of the threat of Islamic fascism.neil boortz

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he’s right. when will we realize that giving more control to the government means that the average american has less control of his or her own life? we have gotten soft, and in the world we live in today, apathy is a luxury we cannot afford to keep for very long. america faces external threats. those demand the attention of the united states government, and rightly so. it also faces internal threats which also threaten to destroy our civilization from within. we cannot allow this to happen.

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4 thoughts on “neil boortz calls us out

  1. This beating on government gets old. From my perspective, government isn’t the enemy. It is easy to worry about the encroaching power of government, but how come you are not railing against the creeping usurpation of power of corporation. That is the far bigger worry than government’s reach. That is because corporations are there only to make money, and that’s it. There needs to be regulations to keep corporations in line. People need to be protected from the worst instincts of corporations, and here a properly functioning government should play a pivotal role.

  2. So does the beating on corporations. There should be a role for government to play in regulating businesses. I don’t dispute that. However, I am more concerned about government abusing power than I am with a few overpaid CEOs with golden parachutes. There’s nothing wrong with making money. Corporations employ people, contribute to a growing economy, and in the process of making a profit, actually provide many positive benefits to people and communities. If there is actual abuse of workers by unfair labor practices or something similar, the government should intervene. But I don’t see the need for excessive regulation or the need for the government to tell companies how much workers can be paid.

  3. The beating on government doesn’t get old. In fact, we should be banging that drum even harder and louder until dimwits like Paul understand that politicians who advocate larger government programs, and thus advocate raising taxes to pay for those programs, are the enemy.

    Corporations drive the American economy. Higher regulations on business hurts the economy. Simple stuff.

    Limited government, good. Unrestricted corporations, very good.

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