this doesn’t surprise me

apparently the national republican congressional committee (NRCC) is out of money, and they have asked me to help them out with an emergency contribution. even the NRCC is spending more money than they have. at least they are consistent with the republicans they support.

i may yet send them a response to their request, but i certainly won’t send them any money. the flawed nature of their candidates caused them to spend more money than they wanted to spend. that is not my fault. the republican party has not listened to its base on spending, illegal immigration, and several other issues. they have not given us enough credit for paying attention to what they have been doing and calling them on it. all this contributed to the downfall of the republicans on november 7th, in addition to the iraq war. when you lose your base, you don’t win elections very often.

the republicans are slow learners. they still don’t get it. what we needed was a change of direction in the republican party. they know what we want and how we feel, but they don’t seem to care, as long as the old guard wins. that’s why they are not getting my money, and why they barely got my vote.

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2 thoughts on “this doesn’t surprise me

  1. They sent me an email. I’m on their list now, since I answered one of their surveys. They are not getting a cent from me until they learn to listen to their base.

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