don’t vote

don’t vote (or vote for a democrat) if:

  • you want charlie rangel putting more of your money into the government’s pockets.
  • you believe that the whole country should be punished for perceived republican sins.
  • you actually believe that democrats would cut spending while ADDING more new government programs.
  • you want president bush’s judicial appointment picks to be D.O.A. (no alito or roberts types allowed if the dems are in charge)
  • you want to see less progress made on illegal immigration. (what we have isn’t perfect, but it’s more than we would get under the democrats, who totally agree with bush on this one issue.)
  • you are convinced that the democrats have a better way to protect us from future terrorist attacks, which is so much more “tough” and “smart” than what we are doing now.
  • you think that the civil rights of terrorists are more important than the lives of american citizens.
  • you consider ideological purity the most important quality in your candidate, and don’t care where he or she stands on any other issue you care about. just remember what happened to lieberman in the primary in connecticut. is that the outcome you want for this election?
  • you are determined to let the polls and the punditocracy determine the outcome of this election.

if none of this describes the way you feel, you know what to do. it is always better to get most of what you want, instead of getting NONE of what you want. vote your conscience, but keep the big picture in mind.

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