both political parties have some explainin’ to do when members of congress face their constituents back home this election year. for the republicans, it’s the excessive, wasteful government spending and their weak committment to dealing with illegal immigration. they also aren’t willing to take unpopular positions and to do what is right for the people they represent. there are too many examples of this.

i believe that most of this can be blamed on the republican leadership, especially senator frist, who has been more than willing to defend the president’s amnesty policy for illegals. i know that in his position, it is hard for him to go against the president of the united states. that’s not a good excuse in this case, however, and when senator frist came here to do a fundraiser, we told him exactly how we felt about this issue. i believe that he got the the message, and the public pressure has forced the changes in policy we are now seeing. is it perfect? not yet. there is still work to do.

for the democrats, they are on the wrong side of quite a few issues. many of them oppose the patriot act, support giving terrorists geneva convention protections and access to american courts, and they also aren’t in favor of spying on suspected terrorists or tracking where their money goes. that’s quite a resume there. many democrats also make very good boogeymen/women…like pelosi, murtha, feingold, harry reid, and john kerry. those are some SCARY democrats, and they haven’t shown that they deserve power either. i’m sure i will hear the argument that not all democrats hold the positions mentioned above. that’s true. it also doesn’t matter because their leadership does hold these positions, and they are the ones controlling the message.

some of my friends on the right are suggesting that all these new republican scandals are conveniently timed to maximize the negative impact it could have on this november’s election. that’s entirely possible. so what? so what if the democrats sat around in a big room somewhere and planned all this? it’s our job to STOP GIVING THEM AMMO to use against us. mark foley made serious mistakes, and he paid the price for them. he did the right thing by resigning. other republicans have made even more serious mistakes, and they have resigned too.

as far as we know, none of these scandals have been made up by the democrats. while the democrats will most definitely use these revelations for political advantage, these things did happen, and those responsible for ethical violations should be held accountable for their behavior. republicans and democrats should expect more of their party and the members of that party representing them in d.c. we have to hold both republicans and democrats to a high standard, and expect them to meet that standard…or they will hear it from us, whether it’s an election year or not.

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2 thoughts on “ammo

  1. I think the current GOP troubles are simply the fruits of complacency. They’ve been in power for so long they think they can just phone it in.

    Effort? New ideas? Why? We’re already in power. Majorities always get fat, dumb and slow. Minorities are lean, mean and hungry.

    I totally agree with you that the Right has to stop giving the Left ammunition. But I disagree that we aren’t holding ourselves to higher standards.

    We are already the higher standard and Foley proved as much when he resigned last Friday. He didn’t stick around, wave his finger in the air proclaiming his innocence.

    He did something very wrong, he got caught again after multiple warnings to clean up his behavior and he did the honorable thing. That’s more than I can say for a variety of Democrats over the years.

    I still say we hold Congress. Hopefully on November 8 the GOP leadership will realize that being the Majority isn’t enough. Just phoning it in won’t cut it.

  2. The point some of our fellow conservatives are missing is that it shouldn’t matter to us how many Democrats are getting away with similar behavior. We should expect more from Republicans, and I think we do. But we can’t just complain about being treated unfairly when those like Foley actually did something wrong.

    We can’t whine about those evil, scheming Democrats when this is something that should have been dealt with before now. Of course, I am inclined to agree with Chris that the Democrats aren’t smart enough to have a master plan to destroy Republican chances in November.

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