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Crossposted from Common Sense America: Crumb Battered Pork

That’s all we seem to get out of Washington these days. They throw taxpaying Americans a few crumbs – like H.R. 6061 to build 700 miles of fence – while they pass the pork we paid for to illegal aliens – the 2006 McCain/Kennedy Amnesty Bill.

Yesterday, I stated that I am not excited about the House Bill to build a 700 mile fence at our border. Why? Because it will do nothing to protect this nation if our immigration laws are not enforced.

All the tough-at-the-border talk, perfected by the Bush administration, is fooling nobody. It has become code for “we’re not going to do anything to inconvenience companies that hire illegals.”

Build a wall two miles high along the entire border with Mexico, and illegal aliens will dig under it, fly over it or sail past it into New Orleans or Newark. They will enter as tourists and overstay visas. They will come if they think there’s a job for them in the United States. The story is that simple, and everyone in America knows it, including the politicians who pretend otherwise.

But there is another, more sinister, possible outcome of the lack of enforcement of our immigration laws, and this too is known by both American citizens and politicians alike.

“I wonder how if there is another event of some great magnitude, which we all anticipate, which we hear every single day is a distinct not just possibility but probability, and if this is perpetuated by someone who has entered this country illegally, and/or people who have been recruited into a terrorist network by people who have come here illegally, I wonder what we will tell the spouses, the sons, the daughters of those people who are killed in that event.

We will make many, many speeches about how heroic their loved ones were, how heroic the efforts were of the people who tried to save them. Will we also say, I wonder, that there were political and cultural reasons why we could not protect them? I do not know how anyone could look into the faces of the people whose loved ones have been lost in an event of that nature and say those words. But say them we would have to if we follow the path we are on today.”

~ House Representative Tom Tancredo on our lack of border security, September 9, 2002 ~

Our border security and immigration enforcement is directly related to our national security. Let me repeat that. Our border security and immigration enforcement is directly related to our national security.

I’m weary of hearing, “We need to fight this war in Iraq, so we don’t have to fight it here at home” as our borders remain porous. Security is no better here than it is in Iraq, where terrorists are streaming across the Iraqi borders to fight our military men and women.

Why can’t our politicians seem to ‘connect the dots’?

But while our elected officials seem unable to pass the pork for American citizens in terms of securing our borders and enforcing our immigration law to provide for our security, there seems to be a huge ham-fest going on to please pro-illegal alien groups as our Senators stumble all over themselves to give away free citizenship, free healthcare, free education, social security benefits, welfare, in-state tuition, etc.

A puny fence is of no avail if you are not willing to shut down our borders AND enforce ALL of our immigration laws.

Since the tax dollars of American citizens are paying for the entire pig, I have one request;

I’d like a lot more crumbs on my pork.

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