joe scarborough on the 2006 election:

As a political junkie who wept bitter tears the night Jimmy Carter got elected and shouted with uncontrolled joy when Ronald Reagan whipped his sorry ass four years later, I find myself ambivalent for the first time over a national election. After six years of Republican recklessness at home and abroad, I seriously doubt Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid or the aforementioned Bourbon Street hookers could spend this country any deeper into debt than my Republican Party. With any luck, Democrats will launch destructive investigations, a new era of bad feelings will break out, and George W. Bush will stop using his veto pen to fill in RangersÂ’ box scores and instead start using it like a conservative president should.

that’s the temptation of many conservatives — to discipline the wayward republicans who have gotten so off-track during their time in power. i won’t disagree that they need some fiscal restraint and that they need to get more serious about border security. we do need to keep the big picture in mind. there’s strong evidence that a divided government is a better bet financially. we have more serious problems to face than spending, and we need to ask ourselves which party has a better plan to deal with those problems.

get out and vote for the party of your choice based on the information you have. we will deal with the consequences after november. it’s not over yet.

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  1. Scars has been disallusioned with the direction of the Republican party for quite a while now. This is really nothing new for him. I think he got burned by his experience in the ’94 Congress when all those zealous reformers couldn’t finish cleaning up D.C.

    I can certainly understand the impulse to smack those bad Republicans back in line, but I think at the end of the day, Joe agrees with us that national security should be top priority.

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