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Ending the “Human Rights” Farce –NRO editorial on the United Nations and their Human Rights Commission (an oxymoronic group consisting of dictators with their own sordid history in this area lecturing the united states on how morally inferior we are)

Regardless of whether we participate in the new council, it’s time to create an alternative. The United States should lead efforts to found a new institution devoted to the protection of human rights, and involving eligibility requirements that would limit member states to genuine liberal democracies. Many multilateral organizations exist outside the U.N. structure — NATO and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe come to mind — and they are effective precisely because, unlike the three rings at Turtle Bay, their member states are committed to common values. President Bush has already set a precedent for circumventing failed international bureaucracies: Faced with the ineffectiveness of the International Atomic Energy Agency, he created the Proliferation Security Initiative, which has been instrumental in, among other things, inducing Libya to give up its nuclear-weapons program.

many things could be changed to make the un live up to to a fraction of its utopian idealistic vision. read more here.

America Must Preserve Its Culture–california conservative

Europe’s abandonment of the Judeo-Christian foundations of its culture during the last century has left it devoid of any firewall against the enormous encroaching pressures of militant Islam. Certainly its insipid and fanciful premises of “social justice” and post-modernism are no match for Islamic zeal.

Now, the once-great continent is left scrambling to offer any believable reason why its institutions and culture should be immune to the prohibitions of the Islamists. And for the preservation of their future, Europeans have little more to hope for than the benevolence of an ideology that knows no such concept.

totally agree. while it is important to recognize where we came from and the characteristics that make us the unique people we are, those who are americans have committed themselves on some level to a common identity. this common identity which unites us has started to fade away with the new emphasis on multi-culturalism, and that’s a shame.

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