the plame game

high-ranking bushies karl rove and scooter libby appear to be involved in exposing valerie plame (joe wilson’s wife) as a CIA operative. opponents of this administration are giddy over the prospect of possible indictments of karl rove and scooter libby over this. whether national security was significantly damaged by this disclosure is something we still don’t know. if any laws were broken, appropriate action should be taken.

however, i would caution those who are opposed to the war in iraq not to use joe wilson’s op-ed as credible evidence that we went to war because the adminstration intentionally lied to us. that’s what many people want to believe about this administration–that they “outed” valerie plame because they were mad that joe wilson didn’t agree with their pre-war analysis. they brought up questions about joe wilson because it was justified to do so.

here’s why. further reading below.

Bush’s “16 Words” on Iraq & Uranium: He May Have Been Wrong But He Wasn’t Lying–from
Joseph Wilson Speaks at S.F. State–from california conservative. must read this.
Joe Wilson’s Credibility Problem–from…background on plamegate.
Another Media Distortion: Joe Wilson Didn’t Uncover Forgeries and Didn’t “Debunk” Much of Anything –from the weekly standard blog.
The Honorable Mr. Wilson–from NRO
Anomalies— also from NRO

so if the left is hoping that indictments in plamegate will lead to the proof that bush lied about iraq, they may very well be disappointed. once again…if they have better proof that bush lied, let’s see it.

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