save the children from the liberals!

while viewing the pictures from the various anti-war rallies, i was struck by the pictures of kids passing flyers out and promoting various fringe propaganda groups. i don’t blame them for this, because it probably wasn’t their own idea. at least they are not armed with bombs like the kids in palestine. it’s just shameful that kids are used as pawns in this increasingly abrasive war of ideologies in this country. the adults are bad enough in allowing the fringe special interest groups to be associated with their cause. it only destroys any shred of credibility they have left after cindy sheehan joined the party.

it’s even more wrong when kids are taught this junk in school as a part of “tolerance”, “diversity”, or any other trendy word for teaching kids to hate america and our military. the temptation is to compare this indoctrination process to former campaigns that have taken place throughout history. i’m not going to go there. i will say that special interest groups of all kinds are negatively influencing the education system and pushing their own agendas at the expense of basic knowledge.

i don’t claim to know what the solution is to fixing the system, outside of more accountability for teachers and school choice for parents. i do believe kids were better off before sex ed, before the involvement of planned parenthood and the aclu, and before God was taken out of school. the problem in the schools is not the pledge of allegiance. there are more obvious problems than kids saying the pledge. the most glaring of them is allowing all these special interest groups and the nea to control the system. because of this, needed reforms are virtually D.O.A. once upon a time, kids grew up to be productive, useful citizens without knowing all this new junk. who knew this was possible???

just stop using kids to promote this nonsense. that’s one thing they should have learned from world history. it was wrong then. it’s still wrong today.

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