the deconstruction of john roberts (part I)

women’s rights groups, gay rights groups, and leftists of all special interest persuasions oppose this nomination. according to one article in the washington post, his involvement in romer vs. evans did little to convince gay rights groups that he would rule with their side on the supreme court. the general consensus is that his role was minimal.

also worthy of note in that article is a little blurb at the end mentioning groups in the african-american community who support this nomination. why is that important? it is important because some of his critics accuse roberts, among other scathing indictments, of being racist. those who oppose the nomination are convinced that he will return women’s rights (as defined by naral, people for the american way, human rights campaign, et al.) and civil rights to the dark ages. that’s a rather outrageous allegation. i strongly disagree with that view, based on what i’ve read about him.

here’s the truth of the matter. those opposed to the nomination want to scare the heck out of their supporters about him, so they make up these crazy allegations to mobilize their little armies of fanatics. they are fanatics not because they disagree with me, but because they disagree with the views of the majority of americans in this country. i can’t say i blame them for trying this. both sides use this tactic. republicans have used this tactic for years, and most of the time it works.

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