cindy sheehan — head moonbat

the moonbats in codepink had a busy weekend, according to little green footballs. i’m tired of reading about cindy sheehan and her small band of agitators, but i have to address some things she wrote at huffington post.

cindy sheehan is still recruiting political support for her own little war. i don’t know what she hopes to achieve by continuing this campaign. bush is not going to resign or pull the troops out of iraq. his poll numbers continue to plummet, but it can’t get much worse for him than it is now. some peripheral administration flunkies may be thrown under the bus because of katrina. in fact, the aftermath of hurricane katrina may end up doing more damage to bush than sheehan’s anti-war rants could have. bush isn’t going anywhere.

sheehan doesn’t seem to know what she’s talking about when it comes to iraq. as far as the iraqi constitution is concerned, she recycles the same drivel the MSM is trying to sell. i have previously posted on this. the iraqi constitution includes rights for a number of groups, including women, at least according to the draft i read. having a different set of rules than they had under saddam will make the country more stable, not less.

to the argument that iraq needs leadership, she says that the existing leadership is a puppet government with the neo-cons pulling the strings. her point about chalabi may be valid. however, to say this would strongly imply that the election was a fraud, that all the people with the purple fingers participated in this conspiracy. if the neo-cons could pull strings, they could force agreement on the iraqi constitution and have a administration lackey whispering in the PM’s ear. that’s not what we have. like it or not, iraq is going to run itself. that’s our plan.

she goes on to make other points that i don’t have any definite opinion about either way. her solution to all of this is wrong, though.

enough about sheehan… take a break and check this out. it’s really cool… an different version of rock, paper, scissors

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