kanye west said WHAT?

will somebody please buy kanye west a clue? i really don’t know what all these bush haters will do when they don’t have our current president to kick around anymore. rev. al sharpton defended west’s remarks on msnbc to tucker carlson. tucker went somewhat ballistic on the reverend, and good for him. what did west say during the concert/telethon for katrina relief?

kanye west said that george bush doesn’t care about black people. he went into this rant about iraq and that our lack of a quick response to katrina was the result of our iraq policy. wow. of course, this is not a new allegation. it’s been all over the press. there will be plenty of time to pass out blame for the aftermath of katrina. but to say that bush doesn’t care about black people? there is no proof of this, and he makes a fool of himself by that allegation.

nbc and the red cross have both distanced themselves from this statement, as they should. read their statements on michelle malkin’s blog. in the re-broadcast on msnbc, it also appears that west’s remarks were edited.

it’s a good thing for celebrities, athletes, and musicians to use their considerable influence to assist in the katrina fundraising effort. however, we need to stop taking them seriously when they start ranting about politics. i’m not talking about shutting them up, although it might be tempting. i’m talking about tuning them out. listen to their music and watch their movies if you can’t help yourself. just don’t ever allow the vapid, self-absorbed, know-nothing airheads to influence how YOU think. from this vicious critique i exempt everyone at the concert except kanye west…

i just can’t bring myself to condemn the remarks made by new orleans mayor ray nagin. (warning — rough language) they are absolutely inflammatory, but they are produced as a result of frustration with the process. this is totally understandable. his whole city was destroyed. what the heck do you expect him to say? even the media is getting frustrated with the whole situation there. shep smith and geraldo rivera of fox news lost control on air with the ineffectiveness of the system. give them all a pass. they have a closer look at the suffering than we do.

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