more analysis of the iraqi constitution

one muslim blogger rips george galloway and those with similar ideas in the iraqi expat blog. to his post, i agree 100%. it goes without saying that george galloway is not helping the cause. it is also very cool that there are in fact muslims that are against terrorism and who encourage others to join the cause and speak up. we need more of them to do so.

in case you were wondering about good things happening in iraq, here’s a report of some. it’s up to us to get the message out, because the MSM has been incredibly negligent here.

for good, (mostly) clean, conservative humor, check out the clever folks at IMAO. i resisted an endorsement as long as possible, but after checking out a couple podcasts, i was hooked. it’s not for the easily offended. there’s your warning.

read. learn. enjoy.

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