another idea for the ’08 election

republicans are sometimes devoid of imagination and occasionally democrats are too — so i have decided to help them think outside the box for once. forget giuliani, frist, santorum, or all those other pretenders. this ticket is guaranteed to generate a buzz around the country. i’m talking about those great americans and genuinely good guys…ben stein and tucker carlson. think about it.

why ben stein?

  • he understands economics as well as greenspan
  • he is the smartest man in america.
  • fiscal and social conservative
  • great public speaker unlike president bush
  • he could finally dump that chauvinistic pig idiot jimmy kimmel.

why not?

  • he’s too smart to run
  • he would have less time to entertain the country

why tucker carlson?

  • the bowties — parents trust bowties and a lot of parents vote
  • would not be above playing a musical instrument on MTV to attract the important 18-29 demographic
  • he gets along with liberals too
  • would absolutely steal the conservative chick vote

why not?

  • he would need more bowties.
  • no more “cutting room floor” segments
  • no more willie geist
  • no more “situation”
  • less time to spend learning about brad, jen, and paris hilton

let’s not restrict ourselves to the party anointed ones and do something different for once — stein/carlson ’08!

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