memo to T.O. and Gary Sheffield–shut up and play ball!

i am not a philadelphia eagles fan. if i were one, i would be sick of the constant whining of terrell owens. he is one of the many examples in sports today of talented athletes who think they are special enough to treat other people like dirt or to flame them in the media. it’s a joke. all of us want to make more money in our jobs. that’s understandable, except that the ink is barely dry on t.o.’s current contract. is he underpaid in his current deal? maybe. but he has only himself and his agent to blame for signing it in the first place. the eagles are exactly right in this case to take a hard line on owens and his idiocy.

as far as gary sheffield and his comments about the yankees are concerned, what the heck did he expect in new york? a team with a-rod and the overrated derek jeter will never give gary sheffield top billing, sorry. grow up, sheff. get with the long-forgotten team concept. they need you to help them stay in the playoff hunt and you’re not helping the cause.

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