something we should all agree on

Chris Matthews is not an objective journalist, and he says some really dumb (some might say a bit creepy) things.

Like this, for example(on Barack’s speech):

We’ll have much more on this momentous day and what I personally view as the best speech ever given on race in this country. One that went beyond “I have a dream,” to “I have lived the dream but have also lived in this country.”

Better than Martin Luther King’s speech? You have got to be kidding.

Or this:

I think this is the kind of speech I think first graders should see, people in the last year of college should see before they go out in the world. This should be, to me, an American tract. Something that you just check in with, now and then, like reading Great Gatsby and Huckleberry Finn. Read this speech, once in a while, ladies and gentlemen. This is us. It’s us with the scab ripped off.

No exaggeration here. A speech Barack felt compelled to give to keep the Wright matter under control is now on par with great literature by F.Scott Fitzgerald and Mark Twain. Uh huh.  Chris Matthews checks his objectivity at the door when he clocks in to work every day.  I don’t know how much more proof we need that he has a glaringly obvious bias to Democrats in general and Barack in particular.

I liked Barack’s speech.  I’ll leave the micro-analysis of it to others, because I have no interest in dissecting every single argument he made yesterday. I will say this, however — if the desired objective was to get the Wright matter settled, I don’t think that his speech achieved that objective.  This will follow him into November, unless the media gets tired of the story.  Don’t be surprised if this happens.  Without new information, stories like this die.  The media is in the tank for Barack, and it will do everything in its power to protect him, including not asking the hard questions of someone who wants to be president of this country.