free speech vs. extremism

If the events of the past week don’t put an exclamation point on to what we are dealing with – the irrationality and hatred resulting from tools of fanatical Islamic propaganda – and force everyone to realize that the enemy we face is dangerous and only getting more daring, what will it take? How long before we can no longer say anything about the Practitioners of Peace without having them threaten to engage in their ancient ritual of removal of head from body?

Most dangerous is the willingness of those who are right to give in to the demands of the fanatics. Israel constantly gives in to the commands of the Palestinians as a result of their desire for a peace that the fanatics do not want. Countries apologize for their own free speech codes in their own country after the Crazed Ones take to the streets with torches. Late last year, France responded to mass rioting by Muslim youth by promising more welfare programs for them. Giving in to the enemy is more dangerous than fighting it and telling them enough is enough. Giving in to their demands only encourages them.

dustin hawkins, “At Least They Are Not Crazy” (posted at california conservative)

read more in this post at california conservative, which is, as always, right on the money. negotiating with extremists usually doesn’t produce the desired result. the right to dissent is an important one, but it has been abused by these protestors. we cannot reward this kind of behavior with concessions, and as soon as the europeans realize this, they will become more serious about how they treat such behavior. michelle malkin’s got more interesting artwork here.